00 Gauge Model Railway


Welcome to my third layout "Fenwich". This is my first venture into 00 Gauge. My previous two "Newich" & Waddich were both
N Gauge.

Fenwich is totally ficticious and is based around a second world war fighter base which is home to squadrons of
Hurricanes & Spitfires.

A railway station is situated just outside the RAF camp and a branch line runs into the camp for supplies.

LMS rolling stock was choosen as this suited the
era early 1940's.

The whole layout is wired for DCC.

The two hurricanes on the runway are powered by AA batteries.

The mill has a smoke stack included that is powered by a small hornby 12v controller.

As with my previous layouts "Fenwich" has been built with
selling it in mind. It breaks down into four pieces.

It is being offered for sale as a layout only.

Included in the sale:-

All the Aircraft and vehicles as well as all the buildings.

Not included in the sale:-

Locos / Rolling Stock / DCC Controls

There is a small camera in the fiddle yard so that it can be monitored from the front of the layout. This will now be included with the TV used to view it.

The photo albums on the left, show the layout during its various building stages.

Point operation is by stud & probe and there is
a total of 15 points.

The points panel is duplicated so that operation can be from the front, middle or both.

There are also 7 uncoupling ramps with point motors which are operated by stud & probe.

I did think about joining a local club so that I could take it to at least one exhibition. But I don't find them as much fun when finished. So I am looking to put it on ebay in the next month or so. As this has been very successful with my last two layouts.

"Newich" & "Waddich"

I am already planning my next layout and I will make the effort to exhibit it.

Should you want to view the layout please contact me.


Fenwich measures

2500mm x 1920mm

It splits down into 4 pieces

  1. 1920mm x 800mm
  2. 1920mm x 800mm
  3. 1070mm x 900mm
  4. 420mm x 900mm


email:- Trevor Mooney tjm@deltalady.co.uk


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